Why transitioning from Software Engineering to Product Management is actually a good idea

3 min readOct 15, 2022
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A lot of people is making the transition from other areas to Product Management. In an era where most people is doing the transition from working on an office and now working from home, a good part of them thinks also about switching roles and making a career change.

A part of them seeks a more decision-based role within their company, another part enjoys more the social/managing role they would have as a Product Manager, and another part wants to stop coding and see the product from another perspective. The truth is that according to the last Product Management Trends and Benchmarks Report 2022 the focus on the Product area is getting higher and higher:

Product Management Trends and Benchmarks Report 2022
Product Management Trends and Benchmarks Report 2022

Being a developer gives you the technical skills and language to be synced with your engineering team better than one who does not.

In my personal experience, a good developer needs not only to write readable and functional code but also needs to be organized with his own work and his team in order to succeed.

If you work either freelance or in a full-time position, you know a certain responsibility with the organization is required. When you just start as a Junior -or trainee- developer, the first question you will be asked after being assigned a project is, “What’s the estimation? When can you get it done?”.

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Estimations are one of the most important skills a developer -and a Product Manager- should have. Very often, these estimations are the result of a team meeting where the Product Managers, developers, engineers, and designers order the tasks by priority according to the objectives.

If you are in a position with -minimum- a few years of experience as a developer, you already got an idea of the…


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